Who we are, what we do

Since 2004 a concept where years of practical experience and expertise come together to provide high-quality training and targeted equipment.

Our vision is to have (semi-)government services and services with social relevance carry out their work safely and professionally at all times. Thanks to practical experience, our instructors know better than anyone what your employees need to do this.

No training that PROCentrum offers is finished. We continue to innovate and continue to learn from practice. In this way we can provide tailor-made solutions and ensure that training courses are closely linked to practice. Because this is where the cutting edge is.

Our Equipment department is focused on providing equipment that really benefits your employees. Our products are tested in practice, put through the ironer and adapted so that your people can perform optimally on the street.

Without core values ​​you are nowhere as a professional organization. That is why we would like to offer you some insight into ours.


We take our responsibility as educators very seriously. Integrity is inextricably linked to our clients. This core value therefore runs as a common thread through our entire business operations. We have open and honest communication with our clients.

Customer focus

Customisation is the standard. We will clearly indicate in advance how we will unburden and facilitate you. Honest and open communication remains the key to ensuring that the courses meet your needs.


PROCentrum is the only civil party that, in accordance with the 1990 Traffic Rules and Signs Regulations, is allowed to provide driver training in driving with blue lights and sirens with its own covert vehicles. In addition, we have a modern and extensive fleet with marked and covert vehicles. Our instructors are certified subject specialists and always remain informed and trained in the latest updates in their fields.


At PROCentrum the following applies: "Do what you say and say what you do!" This is what we live by. All assignments are contractually recorded and here we adhere to the agreements made. All our teachers have gone through an extensive security investigation and the identity of the students is always protected.


PROCentrum takes the time to get to know your organisation. We train students with a view to the future. The student receives an extensive exam report and training report with which he/she works on the training portfolio.

Departments of Procentrum in Best(NL), Asse (B), London (UK) and Chantilly, Virginia (USA)

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