From eminent danger to a safe environment

Professionals who operate on the cutting edge deserve the best training available.

You want to be convinced that your employees are optimally trained and know what to do in every situation.
That is where we focus our training on. With a professional training plan, clear goals and a clear evaluation report, we guarantee the best quality.
We offer tailor-made options so that the courses always make the greatest possible contribution to the safety of employees on the street and the quality of work.

Our training courses are always developed from practice. We actively contribute ideas to operational problems and adapt our training plans to current events.
All of our instructors have experience in the field related to the course you require.

Some examples what we can offer:
• Arrest and restrain courses
• Breaching
• S.C.A.R.T (Special Camouflage And Rural Tactics)
• Tactical First Aid
• HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training)
• Conduct after Capture
• Situational Awareness
• Firearm training
• And many more…

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