All PROCentrum courses are distinguished by a professional education plan with clear goals and a clear evaluation report of both student and teacher. Professionals are entitled to good training, appropriate to the task they have to perform. Quality of education is central and directly contributes to a safe and socially responsible performance.

Quality assurance; to guarantee the quality PROCentrum takes the following actions:

After each training the student conducts an evaluation form. The conclusions and recommendations of this evaluation are collected, scored and together with the original documents, submitted to the client. Thus the client is informed how students have experienced the training. PROCentrum is a dynamic learning organization, this means that we take comments from our students and clients regarding the course content very serious. Good training curricula are not created behind a desk but arise from practice! All our training courses are therefore constantly and critically examined and, where appropriate or necessary, adapted to the latest developments and insights.

A comprehensive report of training and examination give an objective picture of a student during his training and progressions. Instructors are both in- and externally trained to constantly stay ahead of the latest insights in both tactics and didactics.

Examination / Certification

All our training programmes for law enforcement officers are performed under the supervision and auspices of either the;

  • Provincial Institute for Training and Education (P.I.V.O)
  • Police Academy Campus Vesta
  • Dutch National Forensic Institute

These are all government agency set up to develop the education, training and formation of government personnel. PROCentrum is attached to these institutions as a preferred or even exclusive partner.

All certificates are recognized by the Belgian government. The Forensic BPA courses meet the requirements set by the IABPA.