Emergency drives under pressure

Driving courses for the heat of battle

Safe, smooth and professional view of the great responsibility and task ahead. The fire service driver must be able to control these aspects and be able to make progress through traffic using blue lights and sirens. This requires a high level of observation, anticipation and vehicle control.

The aim of the training is always to increase road safety, for all road users. Driving with blue lights and sirens whilst maintaining a high degree of control of the vehicle are the focus of our training. Safety is paramount.

Motorcycle courses

For Skid correction and avoidance on all road types, we have our own specialised motorcycles that will be used for training. All our facilities are aimed at delivering the training process in a safe and educational environment.

  • Basic (blue light) motorcycle training
  • Vehicle control modules (Skid correction and avoidance)
  • Advanced (blue light) motorcycle training
  • All road training
  • Applications focused on task and function performanc
  • Train the trainer programs

Car courses

Here we once again push the boundaries. Together with Mercedes-Benz Nederland, we developed a unique instruction vehicle. Our Mercedes Benz ATEGO is equipped with variable (water) ballast weights that realistically simulates  driving characteristics of different vehicles. The six separately fillable water compartments, each with up to 300 liters of water, make it possible to position the center of gravity either high in the vehicle or low between the axles. The water mass ensures that the driver experiences almost the same driving characteristics as in a tanker sprayer or aerial platform.

  • Fire truck diploma light vehicles and heavy
  • Basic (blue light) driver training light vehicles (<3,500 kg)
  • Basic (blue light) driver training trucks (>3,500 kg)
  • Basic (blue light) driver training specials (ladder truck)
  • Vehicle control modules (Skid correction and avoidance)
  • Basic 4×4 training for both trucks, and ‘small’ vehicles
  • Advanced 4×4 training


Download our brochure about driver training here. Here you will find a more extensive explanation of the columns, technical information and an explanation about our facilities.

Our expertise and flexibility

We believe in realistic and practical training. Our trainers deploy globally to start the course at any location that is convenient for you. If you don’t have the resources to facilitate a training we will present suitable alternatives.

Hoe onze cursisten het ervaren ?


During the training, your students are guided by professional teachers. They evaluate during the course the progress and adjust if necessary.
The trainees leave the training with new skills and insights and with the confidence that they can conduct their role safely.


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