PROCentrum motto is ‘docendi discimus’

“By teaching someone, one learns oneself”

Since 2004, we have been a highly professional and well known company where years of practical experience and expertise come together to provide high-quality training and targeted equipment.

Our vision is to have (semi)-government departments and services with a social relevance perform their work safely and professionally at all times. Thanks to practical experience, our instructors know better than anyone what your employees need to do this.

No training that PROCentrum offers is finished. We continue to innovate and learning by doing. In this way we can provide customized solutions and ensure that training courses are closely linked to practice. Because in practice you work on the cutting edge and every choice is a crucial one.
The training you require must meet all your expectations and reflect with the changing times.

Our Equipment department is focused on providing high-end equipment that really benefits your employees to carry out their specific roles. Our products have been fully tested in the field to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.


High work pressure, under capacity and an increasing tough society. The pressure on the EMS emergency services and especially the police departments has never been so high. Incidents are getting harder and more complex. This includes training and courses that develop along with the requirements in the task field. PROCentrum is committed to keep ourselves up to date and to ensure that our training courses are always in line with the requirements. Our instructors are experience experts and know how to seamlessly translate the training guide into the task field. Curious how we do this?

Special units

Operating on the cutting edge is a daily routine. Training and education are no exceptions. When you train for the ultimate scenario, you are prepared. PROCentrum has experienced instructors out of the work field and continuously adjusting the training schedule to meet the necessarily requirements for your unit. We make no concessions in quality. We deliver tailormade training courses to help your unit as best as possible. Curious about our courses and training?
Special Units

Other services​

An irreverent name: “Other Services”. However, PROCentrum is so broadly filled with courses for Law Enforcement, Justice Department, Forensic Investigation, Personal Security etc. That there is almost no collective name for it. We ALWAYS have suitable training for your employees. Are you curious about what we can do for you?
Other services

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