For professionals, by professionals

Driver Education

PROCentrum UK is dedicated to providing professional blue light and emergency training courses for Police, Ambulance Services, Fire Services and other Governmental departments.
Our drivers education is characterised by a professional training plan, with clear goals and a clear evaluation.

Violence- and risk management

Professionals are entitled to the best available instruction, that is appropriate to the task they have to perform. The violence- and risk management programs at PROCentrum are characterised by or proven professional training plans, with clear goals and a clear evaluation.


Within the materials department PROCentrum searches the world for new and innovative products, that can contribute to the safety of aid workers, investigating officers and defense personnel. Our account managers are experts by experience.

Vision and Mission of Procentrum

Vision: PROCentrum strives to ensure that employees of (semi-) government services and services with a public relevance always, everywhere and in every situation, can carry out their work safely. To realize this, we aim to become an innovative knowledge and training center worldwide where clients can refer to for support, advice and guidance.

Mission: optimally guaranteeing the safety and employability of employees from our target group through training and the provision of innovative products. In order to realize our mission PROCentrum conforms to the following core values:

PROCentrum provides:

PROCentrum has all the facilities to make the education of safety professionals run smoothly. In addition to offering different training sessions in our own modern and multifunctional facilities, we also offer training sessions at the location of the client, anywhere in the world.


PROCentrum instructors deployed worldwide to implement Tactical and Driver Training. Depending on the clients wish, our bespoke training programs are either taught at our very own state-of-the-art training facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium, or we can use the facilities that you have.


PROCentrum has extensive experience in organising training programs for all emergency services. PROCentrum instructors deploy worldwide to assist law enforcement, ambulance and rescue workers in creating a safer working environment by implementing tailor made training program. PROCentrum has been appointed as accredited Training and Examination centre for Fire and Rescue services by the Dutch Authorities. Furthermore our training programs for Police officers, Paramedics and Fire fighters are accredited by the Belgium authorities. Amongst our senior instructors are (former) UK , Belgian, French and Dutch police , ambulance, fire & rescue and military instructors. Our international accredited training program for blue light and emergency services instructors has demonstrably led to reduction in the number of collision damages by 200%