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What do the Police around the world have in common? They stand for security and stability. These tasks are central to police forces all over the world. Driver training is a cornerstone of that task. Safe, smooth and responsible progress through traffic is vital to increase safety and performance. That is why we have developed our training programs to match this task and to give it the fullest interpretation. We are the only trainer in the BeNeLux, authorised to train in marked, high performance vehicles using blue lights and sirens. In the United Kingdom we support some of the most prestigious police departments through blue light driving training. Our instructors have years of practical experience and always stay up to date with the latest developments in their fields. In this way we offer your employees training that fully meets your requirements. That’s our guarantee

Car courses

At PROCentrum we have training vehicles where the second student, sits near the driver and instructor. As a result, both students are involved in the training process and the learning curve is consistent and rises faster. All our vehicles are recognizable and equipped with optical and sound signals.
Own vehicles can be used for the driving courses, if they are equipped with dual controls.

  • Basic (blue light) police driver training
  • Vehicle control modules (Skid correction and avoidance)
  • Advanced (blue light) police driver training
  • Training carousel; multi-year program in which both training and testing are combined into an effective and cost-efficient product.
  • 4×4 all road training
  • Train the trainer programs

Motorcycle courses

For Skid correction and avoidance on all road types, we have our own specialised motorcycles that will be used for training. All our facilities are aimed at delivering the training process in a safe and educational environment.

  • Basic (blue light) police motorcycle training
  • Vehicle control (Skid correction and avoidance)
  • Advanced (blue light) police motorcycle training
  • All road training
  • Train the trainer programs

Brochure police

PROCentrum is an international organisation with clients all over the world. In addition, the Belgium and UK police has been one of these clients, where we have proudly provided training with heart and soul. This requires a different approach and different legislation is involved. Our courses fully comply with local legislation at all times. At PROCentrum we stand for customisation. The wishes of the client are central.

Click here to request a brochure in which the possibilities are explained in more detail.

Politie België

PROCentrum is een internationale organisatie met opdrachtgevers over de hele wereld. Daarbij is de Belgische politie al sinds 2014 een van deze opdrachtgevers waar wij met hart en ziel opleidingen verzorgen. Dit vraagt om een andere insteek en hier komt andere wetgeving kijken. Onze opleidingen voldoen ten alle tijden aan de lokale wetgevingen.
Klik hier om een brochure op te vragen waarin de mogelijkheden dieper worden uitgelicht.

Hoe onze cursisten het ervaren ?

De brochure van rijopleidingen Procentrum Politie nederland

De brochure van rijopleiding politie België


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