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We provide driver training for Police Departments, Fire Departments, EMS Services and all other (semi)government services who require emergency response driving. As a civil trainer, we have a legal exemption for training on public roads in The Netherlands. This means that we can provide driver training with our own marked and covert vehicles. We can therefore cover all elements the client requires, be it on Blue lights and sirens or using covert methods to achieve their specific operational role. We offer tailormade programs or in-company training courses.
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The police are entitled to breach traffic rules if this is necessary for the performance of their duties, but they are not immune from the responsibility to drive safely and with due care. Therefore each driver has an extra responsibility to handle these exemptions carefully and considerately. As an officer you want to take decisions swift, safe and considered. We focus on those skills in our courses to meet these requirements, for the safety of all road users.
No situation is the same and every trip has an element of stress woven into it. That’s why it’s important for ambulance personnel to drive safely, smoothly and responsibly through traffic in the event of an emergency. The patient in the back of the ambulance is an additional factor to take with. A specialist driver training is therefore a must. This is what we are good at!
Where every second can make a difference between an controllable situation or out of control fire, it is vital that the driver can travel to the incident safely and smoothly. Application days, full training and refresher courses contribute to increasing road safety during an emergency response drive.
Justice Department, Road inspectors and the Ministry of Defense are services that conduct training courses with us. You can contact us for all other training or refresher courses for drivers of emergency response vehicles. But also for driving in armored vehicles and close protection driver courses. We offer bespoke tailor-made training programs that fit exactly with the role and the requirements of the client.

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