Emergency ride: Ensuring patient safety and comfort

Safe, smooth and responsible driving whilst ensuring the care of the patient.

This requires specialists with the highest level of ambulance driver- training. We have been providing this driver training to healthcare professionals for years.

No other life should be put at risk during any emergency call. That is why the focus on intensive training, whilst driving with blue lights and sirens and on obtaining the highest level of awareness and skill set. The only thing more important than dealing with hazards is preventing them!

We therefore offer targeted initial driver training, application days and advanced driver training.

Motorcycle courses

For skid correction and avoidance and all-road riding, we have our own specialised motorcycle that will be used for training. All our facilities are aimed at delivering the training process in a safe and educational environment.

  • Basic motorcycle training ambulance services
  • Vehicle control (Skid correction and avoidance)
  • Advanced motorcycle training ambulance services
  • All road training
  • train the trainer programs

Car courses

At PROCentrum we have training vehicles where the second student, sits near the driver and instructor. As a result, both students are involved in the training process and the learning curve is consistent and rises faster. All our vehicles are recognizable and equipped with optical and sound signals.
Own vehicles can be used for the driving courses, if they are equipped with dual controls.

  • Basic (blue light) driver training EMS
  • Vehicle control (Skid correction and avoidance)
  • Advanced (blue light) driver training EMS
  • Training carousel; multi-year program in which both training and testing are combined into an effective and cost-efficient product.
  • 4×4 all road training
  • train the trainer programs

Download our brochure about driver training here. Here you will find a more extensive explanation of the columns, technical information and an explanation about our facilities.

Hoe onze cursisten het ervaren ?

Our expertise and flexibility


Our trainers deploy globally to start the course at any location that is convenient for you. If you don’t have the resources to facilitate a training we will present suitable alternatives.


Thanks to our many years of experience with driver training, we have developed a high degree of expertise. Our completely renewed training curriculum, in which we have invested in recent years, meets all driving technical requirements as set by the Academy of Ambulance Care. It is not without reason that more and more emergency medical services are opting for both initial driver training and PROCentrum’s refresher course.




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