Specialist driver training

Some Police departments use ‘special’ vehicles. These vehicles which by construction, structure or weight are significantly different from regular vehicles and therefore require specific skills of the driver. It goes without saying that the use of such vehicles usually take place under aggravating circumstances or in situations with an increased risk for the passengers and / or third parties. To drive these vehicles requires skills, insight and vast knowledge of protocols.

PROCentrum provides tailor made driving programs for these specific target groups, f.e Close Person Protection teams or SWAT Units / Armed Police. For these training programs we use fully equipped armored vehicles.

Specific departments require specific skills and thus customized training solutions for team members. Like no other training institute PROCentrum is familiar with innovative training programs and is equipped to provide these training sessions.

Specialist driver training CP

Close person protection details such as Royal or Presidential guards work with ‘high value targets’ all the time. The team members have to be aware that their principal can become subject to a kidnap or an  attack 24/7. Driving these VIP’s is demanding for both the driver and the car.

PROCentrum instructors have worked as close protection officers themselves and therefore know exactly what it takes to become an effective and professional VIP driver.

Our tailor made programs teach students step by step on how to drive utilising their legal exemption and under emergency response conditions. Content:

  • Evasive driving
  • Armoured cars
  • CP protocols
  • Use of legal exemptions & emergency response

Specialist driver training SWAT

The SWAT driver training is a highly demanding course both for the student and the (armoured) car. PROCentrum instructors have served as SWAT operators for many years and now exactly what it takes to become a safe and professional driver in SWAT.

Multiple training programs guide our student step by step through all SWAT protocols and car procedures.

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Specialist Driver Observation units

Working as a plain clothes Officer or member of an observation unit, takes skilful driving. Manoeuvring through every day traffic, sometimes extremely busy and at high speed, while observing a target is very demanding. Radio communication, observation techniques and Advanced Driving skills all are part of a the PROCentrum training course for observation units.

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