Motorcycle Training

PROCentrum has in recent years developed an unparalleled degree of expertise in motorcycle training for law enforcement and the EMS sector. A growing number of departments have chosen PROCentrum for both the initial training and advanced training of their motorcyclist.

Together with our clients we developed the basic motorcycle training to a product where insight , skills and safety are key issues. For example: we integrated a skid training into the initial training module and we use professional video recording systems during various stages of the training.

We provide both basic training as well as Advanced and Specialist training courses. For ‘local’ units and specialists we develop customised training courses corresponding to a specific task or objective. F.e.: our “Training traffic accompaniment” teaches police officers the protocol for guiding VIP’s during an official motorcycle escort; but they also learn how to escort an ambulance or cycling events.

For covert operations or SWAT units we developed specific training curricula.