PROCentrum Driving

PROCentrum provides professional blue light and emergency service training for police officers, EMS staff , fire fighters and all other government departments.

Our training programs stand out through a professional training plan with clear targets and individual evaluation reports. Our target group works under the most harsh circumstances regularly and is therefore entitled to good driver training. The quality of each training is of key essence; whether it concerns an initial program or a refresher course. Professional training is not performed overnight, it is a continuous process. Continuing driving training is of great importance to keep knowledge and skills up to date.

Content driving

  1. Basic Blue Light Driver Training
  2. Advanced Blue Light Driver Training
  3. Specialist Driver Training
    a) VIP protection(NPDC)
    b) SWAT
    c) Observation Units
  4. 4×4 Driver Training
  5. (Blue Light) Training program Fire Trucks
  6. Motorcycle Training
  7. Expeditionary Vehicle Surveillance – Motorcycle


PROCentrum driving courses do not aim for short-term successes. Instead we focus on lasting behavioral changes among our students in order to improve situational awareness and risk perception. Thus we increase road safety. Of course, no student is the same. In order to realise changes in behaviour, the educational process is always tailored to the learning needs of the student. With this, customisation comes standard.


Prior to our driving courses, PROCentrum always schedules a preliminary meeting with the client to determine needs and wishes. After each training PROCentrum reports a detailed feedback to the client including individual evaluation reports. Our unique method of reporting clearly identifies whether and to what extent a student has acquired certain competencies. This information is available at all times and is also used to provide follow-up or advanced training courses. At PROCentrum we aim for long-term partnerships with our clients. By carefully documenting the development of competencies, our driving courses are student ‘tailor made’.


Internationally, all PROCentrum blue light and emergency training courses take place under the supervision and auspices of the police school of Flemish Brabant, part of the Provincial Institute for Education and Education (P.I.V.O). This government agency was established to develop initiatives for the training, training and education of government personnel. PROCentrum is the strategic partner for P.I.V.O. and as such responsible for all blue light and emergency driving courses. Furthermore PROCentrum has been appointed as accredited Training and Examination centre for Fire and Rescue services by the Dutch Authorities.


PROCentrum blue light and emergency driving courses are specifically tailored to the student. At PROCentrum we believe that as such we can achieve the best individual results. We also realize hat our training programs are payed with public money that needs to be spent wisely. PROCentrum therefore works cost-efficiently; driving courses start  at your location so no valuable training time is lost. In addition and if possible we use the clients vehicles to save the costs of renting.


A growing number of clients have entrusted the blue light and emergency driving training to the expertise and professionalism of PROCentrum; some clients have done so since the establishment of our institute in 2004! In order to realize such a level of customer satisfaction, it is not sufficient  to be ‘just’ reliable; PROCentrum needs te be innovating and at at the forefront of both technical and legal developments.


To meet the international demand for certified blue light and emergency instructors, PROCentrum has developed an specific instructor program. Depending on the entry level of the students and the kind of training they will be performing our senior instructors will  to provide your students with the necessary qualifications such as teachings methods, legal knowledge, resilience, awareness, skills and driving protocols.

Introduction of the PROCentrum instructor program with the Antwerpen police department has decreased the damage to police vehicles by 200%!

Blue light and emergency driving training

For more information about our blue light and emergency driving courses, we refer to the pages Basic Blue Light Driver Training, Advanced Blue Light Driver Training, Specialist Driver Training, 4×4 Driver Training(Blue Light) Training program Fire Trucks  Motorcycle Training  Expeditionary Vehicle Surveillance – Motorcycle

Do you have questions about one of our blue light and emergency driving courses? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities together with you.