Blues & Two’s on Dutch TV

PROCentrum | PROSpike recently appeared on Dutch television in a program where innovative companies and institutions were presented to the public. To see the video click here. Is your organization looking for a professional driver training including blues & two’s or is your unit in need of specific tactical training? […]

Exciting news from PROCentrum International, we have opened our UK Office!

Since our new training building in Best, The Netherlands, was officially opened in 2017, PROCentrum has continued to work relentlessly on continual development of our now, Internationally renowned Training Establishment. Here we provide Specialist Driving Courses to many Emergency First Responders and Specialist Government Departments, including Military Special Forces and […]

PROCentrum Relation & Innovation days

Networking in a safe, discrete environment. After the success of last year, PROCentrum opens the doors of its institute for the 2nd edition of our Relation & Network days. On Thursday 20st and Friday 21nd of September we will share innovative products, knowledge and experience with clients and partners in […]

New order for ballistic vests awarded to PROCentrum Equipment

Last week PROCentrum Equipment again delivered ballistic vests to units of the National Police. In addition to a number of ‘discrete’ vests, the heavy tactical vests level III + with the patented shoulder system were chosen once again. In contrast to regular heavy bulletproof vests, the solution proposed by PROCentrum […]


Agreement concluded with the Police Academy for support during specialist driving training ADVANCED DRIVING TRAINING MARECHAUSSEE (VPV-B) Last year PROCentrum supplied senior driving instructors to the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee in support of the advanced driving training. Through a joint effort of the Royal Marechaussee and PROCentrum a large number of (extra) students qualified for […]

PROCentrum Equipment introduces new road barrier concept

After the introduction of PROSpike, the worlds first efficient remote controlled vehicle-stop system, PROCentrum Equipment now launches  a new and representative road barrier concept. Customized road barriers that brightens up the city view. The ever-increasing threat of terror in European inner cities is causing more and more disfiguring concrete obstacles in […]

Positive evalution by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

From 2015 until today PROCentrum has been involved in the blue light training program for the Road Inspectors of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. In the past two year more than 200 students followed our tailor made  blue light and emergency services program. We emphasized on situational awareness, […]

Impressive results for blue light driving training with Antwerpen PD

For the first time in two years time, the Antwerpen PD presented  the results of the emergency and blue light driving training for their police officers. Tailor made program by PROCentrum To reduce the number of accidents caused by police officers driving with lights and sirens, the Antwerpen PD contacted […]

PROCentrum accredited Training and Examination centre for Fire and Rescue services

PROCentrum, the Dutch International Institute for police, fire and emergency response driving & tactical training, has been appointed as accredited Training and Examination centre for Fire and Rescue services by the Dutch Authorities. With this, fire fighters will receive the official Dutch certificate after completing the emergency response training. Our […]