Integrity – Professionality – Reliability – Solidarity – Customer focus


We take our responsibility as a trainer and supplier of equipment very serious. To our clients, integrity is inextricably linked to their organization and this righteousness is also expected from (training) partners. Since our establishment in 2004, integrity has been a common thema throughout our business. We approach our clients fairly and transparently. Our clients appreciate this basic attitude as witnessed by the ever-increasing demand for training and materials.


We train students according to curricula with clear objectives and concrete final terms that are in line with the competence profile of the target group. PROCentrum is allowed to provide blue light training on public roads with own vehicles.. To this end, we have an extensive and modern vehicle fleet with both marked and unmarked vehicles. PROCentrum has its own training center with various training and meeting rooms as well as an auditorium where 100 students can follow a lecture. For practical training, our clients can use the facilities of our strategic partners. Of course we only work with fully certified specialists. Our international teachers undergo permanent education, which is realized by working together with national and international partners. Amongst our senior instructors are (former) UK , Belgian, French and Dutch police , ambulance, fire & rescue and military instructors.


At PROCentrum applies: do what you say and say what you do! Everything we discuss and agree with our clients is described in a contract which we respect and live up to. Evaluation reports for each individual student are standard so eacht student grows his personal training portfolio. For the employer this implies that  he meets with all the legal requirements for training.
PROCentrum guarantees the privacy of the student by protecting the identity. All our teachers have passed a safety investigation.


At PROCentrum we realize that all our activities are funded with community money. Our calculation is therefore always transparent and based on the preconditions for carrying out an assignment. The client determines which additional elements are added with which he can exert direct influence on the final cost price. We have specialists who have gained experience in specific branches. Finally, at PROCentrum we take time to learn your organization and your employees.

Customer focus

Our courses are in line with the wishes and demands of the client. PROCentrum develops, facilitates and provides honest training advice prior to and during training. Customization thus becomes the standard.