Partnerships and brands

PROSpike Stingers:

PROSpike Stingers has been part of PROCentrum family for years. Our Equipment department is the official dealer and distributor for the Benelux.

A team within PROCentrum International developed PROSpike Stingers in-house between 2014 and 2016. An incident in which a policeman was fatally injured when using a ‘traditional’ nail mat prompted the think tank of specialists and developers to design a safe alternative to force fleeing motorists to stop.

Field tests and evaluations by the end user(s) are closely monitored by our team of developers. Central to this is the question of how PROSpike Stingers can be further improved. The system was developed to make standing postures safer and more efficient. In 2016, this resulted in the fully software-driven 1600 series. This innovation marked a significant improvement in the ease of use and durability of the system because the Central Processor Unit relieves the end user almost completely.


In April 2021, a joint venture was concluded with the internationally renowned Dutch company BESTRONICS. With the entry of Bestronics into the daily management, PROSpike Stingers is supported by an internationally strong partner in the supply chain and high-tech development.

PROSpike Stingers are sold in more than 20 countries through an extensive network of distributors and agents. The following countries and government departments use PROSpike Stingers, among others:

  • Netherlands: Ministry of Defense;
  • France: Ministry of Defense;
  • Belgium: Local police zone Brussels | Securitas Belgium;
  • Vietnam: National Police;
  • Indonesia: National Police;
  • Spain: Guardia Civil;
  • Japan: various government services;
  • United Kingdom: London Metropolitan Police;
  • Germany: Schleswig-Holstein State | SEK;

PTG Tactical Gear:​

PROCentrum Equipment is a Premium Dealer and Distributor of the PTG brand. We regularly work with PTG to implement the latest innovations and wishes from the field in the clothing. In our Dutch workshop we design and manufacture tactical clothing and equipment for different target groups. Our team consists of product specialists with years of experience at an international manufacturer of fabrics, designers and seamstresses. In addition, we work closely with end users who perform their work under the most extreme conditions. We develop PTG Tactical Gear by regularly talking to these users, but especially by listening carefully to them. Only after our products have been extensively tested and approved in practice are they included in the collection. PTG Tactical Gear is worn worldwide by professionals who provide the very highest.


TacVent has selected PROCentrum Equipment as the exclusive supplier and re-distributor for their products for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. If there are companies that want to add TacVent to their collection, you can contact us to request a dealership. TacVent was invented by the police and made in America TacVent is the first and only passive ventilation device that allowsunobstructed airflow and release of heat. It does not consist of spongy, mesh-like, absorbent material or inflatable devices, both of which can be counterproductive. Testing has shown that TacVent reduces body surface temperature by at least 14.5°, the distinctly unique and patented design consisting of a corrugated and perforated panel of extremely soft and highly flexible, hypoallergenic technical grade thermoplastic elastomer. A huge plus is that the design and material allow it to act as a cushion, greatly minimizing trauma from blunt forces. With the help of Velcro, it can be easily attached and removed from vest to plate carriers. The hook part is stitched to the TacVent, the loop part is attached to the vest with a strong adhesive velcro adhesive strip.

Busch Protective:

PROCentrum Equipment is Premium Dealer van Busch Protective.
De missie van Busch PROtective is om de meest geavanceerde hoofdbeschermingssystemen aan te bieden door innovatieve oplossingen en ballistische prestaties te integreren. Onze producten zijn ontwikkeld in nauwe samenwerking met operators en agentschappen over de hele wereld en zijn ontworpen om maximale bescherming te bieden, die de markt leidende normen ver overtreffen. We beschikken over een hoge productiekwaliteit die voldoet aan ISO-9001, innovatieve producten en een functioneel ontwerp dat bedoeld is om uw prestaties tijdens elke missie te verbeteren. We zijn er ook trots op dat Busch PROtective sterk de nadruk legt op duurzaam gebruik van hulpbronnen om mens, natuur en milieu optimaal te beschermen voor toekomstige generaties.


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