Eindhoven Community Support Officers start with sustainable EVs in operational deployments

With the purchase of the Volkswagon E Golf, the municipality of Eindhoven has taken an important step towards sustainable mobility for its Officers and has also achieved a first in the field of continuing driving skills training. In order to get the maximum return from the purchased vehicles and to have employees safely carry out their assigned tasks, Eindhoven, as the first Dutch municipality, participated in the European Electric Government Vehicle (EGV) project carried out by PROCentrum. In addition, driving an electric vehicle offers a considerable economic advantage for the employer. Lower maintenance costs and depreciation result in a very favorable cost per kilometer driven. In some cases, this benefit can be as high as 16 cents per kilometer.

In mid-2019, the PROCentrum Training Center already reported an important development in the field of driver training for government departments.PROCentrum was the first European trainer to write a specific course that ensures that first responders learn how to handle an electric vehicle (EVs) smoothly, safely and responsibly. Thanks to our many years of international experience in the training of drivers of emergency vehicles, the educational developers at PROCentrum immediately saw an important agreement between driving with urgency and driving electric vehicles with care and responsibility.

Whoever gets into an electrically driven vehicle as a driver for the first time, will immediately notice a difference with a conventional combustion engine. The sometimes considerable power presented in EV models is delivered linearly, resulting in a very dynamic power response. The regenerating capacity of EVs has a similar, but vice versa effect when the accelerator pedal is released. Passengers who have experienced an EV driver who has not learned to anticipate and utilise these characteristics will therefore be able to remember a feeling of nausea.

Driving an EV therefore requires acute pedal discipline from the driver. this discipline whilst driving emergency vehicles or EVs, goes beyond the controlled actions of power and brake pedals. In both cases, it requires highly developed observation scans  where the driver can anticipate traffic situations early and they have learned to predict the behavior of other road users. Where emergency vehicle drivers save time primarily by skillfully avoiding the vehicle to stop where other road users are stationary, EV drivers mainly improve the efficiency of the battery and comfort by applying a number of driving, observation and planning skills. In addition, research at a leading Police force in Belgium, has shown that our teaching methods developed here at PROCentrum, contribute significantly to the safety of drivers of emergency vehicles. After four years of continuing driving courses by PROCentrum instructors, the number of kilometers driven without damage in this Force increased by an incredible  73.5%.

Undoubtedly, these very impressive results have had a positive influence on the choice of a number of European vehicle manufacturers, to award the contract to develop an EGV training program, for emergency service drivers to PROCentrum.

A number of Police Forces in Switzerland and Belgium will soon start their EGV training program, but, as mentioned, the training we give to the municipality of Eindhoven, PROCentrum is extremely proud of.

If your Municipality, City or Government Department is considering purchasing electric vehicles and you would like to know more about the Electric Government Vehicle(EGV) driving skills project for your employees, please feel free to contact our London office, our training partner PIVO in Asse,Belgium or our main office in Best, NL. You have also come to the right place for taking a test drive with our electric vehicle, and for information about the favorable cost aspects of such operational vehicles.

Our staff will be happy to help you and assist in a test drive, if more convenient we can make an appointment to conduct this at your location.