Covid Prevention Kit for First Responders

Every day we hear about various shortages of protective equipment for first responders and care providers who guarantee our safety or fight for our well-being on the street and in all healthcare institutions.

PROCentrum tries to contribute through its international networks in an attempt to reduce these shortages. Fortunately, we achieve small successes. Together with the Dutch Veidec management, we have realised a disinfectant hand gel based on 80% alcohol that can be supplied in both 500ml and 100ml packaging.

The 100ml packaging is easy to store in a trouser or jacket pocket, making it ideal for front line personnel who do not have immediate access to water and soap, but can regularly come into contact with contaminated surfaces. The Veidec Alco gel cleans and disinfects and also contains an Aloe Vera additive that takes care of the hands and protects against dehydration.

We have also found a reliable mouth mask supplier through a Dutch client who supplies us with new stock of KN95 masks every week. The masks mentioned have a Certificate of Compliance and have been verified in accordance with EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 as well as CE directive R2016 / 425 ( Authentication can easily be checked by entering the certificate number 3N200310.AHT0O23 on the website mentioned.

Nitrile gloves have been in our range for some time and, despite the crisis, remain in stock. Naturally, the gloves meet the NEN-EN 455-1,2,3,4 standard.

At the request of a Belgian Police Area, in addition to the above package, PROCentrum has also sought a suitable eye protection product. After consultation with our partner, also a renowned lens manufacturer, Shamir chose the Eyres 250 Steel with anti-fog lens. These certified safety glasses fit well on the face and thus reduce the risk of contamination through moisture drops. Please note: the Eyres 250 meets the minimum NEN-EN 166 requirement but does not completely close the eyes. Use in medical situations where there is a high risk of contamination from splashes is therefore not recommended.

PROCentrum can indeed supply such glasses, but given the public function of the target group, we have chosen a less ‘visible’, but still efficient, protection tool.

By offering the above protective equipment together in a handy carrying case, a practical prevention kit was created that is easy to store in a bag, backpack or even in the pocket of a uniform jacket or cargo pants. To seal the mouth mask hygienically after use, a sealable pouch was added. The prevention kit was then named after the virus that inspired the idea.

The Covid Prevention Kit (CPK) is available in two variants: CPK standard consists of:

  •  100ml bottle of Veidec hand gel based on 80% alcohol with added Aloe vera
  • 1 safety goggles
  • 2 pairs of nitrile gloves
  • 2 masks KN95
  • 1 closable waste bag
  • pencil case

CPK premium consists of:

  •  100ml bottle of Veidec hand gel based on 80% alcohol with added Aloe vera
  • 1 safety goggles
  • 4 pairs of nitrile gloves
  • 5 masks KN95
  • 1 closable waste bag
  • pencil case

The Covid Prevention Kit is available to all first responders and those offering care and can be ordered directly from PROCentrum or from a number of designated distributors.

For more information, please contact our head office in Best. Our staff are happy to help.