Available now: VIPER-1 IR

The Viper-1 IR is the ultimate tactical search light with infrared capability.

With an effective range of 1.2 km (0.75 mile) and a minimum of 10.000 working hours this high power LED light is your trusted partner in almost any tactical environment!

The rechargeable high performance lithium ferrite battery with flame retardance is good for 60 minutes of illumination before it needs recharging. With the standard connector cable the operator may also decide to use a wall socket or car battery for permanent power supply.

The Viper-1 is water- and dustproof according the IP66 equivalent. Furthermore the unit is salt water resistant and shock proof. These features make the Viper-1 excellent to use in

  • maritime operations;
  • covert operations
  • border security
  • surveillance and detection

At PROCentrum we have demonstation units in store for both the Viper-1 IR and the Alpha-1 search light. If you are interested in a non-commiting demonstration please contact our Dutch or UK office.