A first for PROCentrum: 1st fully electric training vehicle in the EU

With the purchase of the TESLA model X, PROCentrum’s prestigious training centre responds to the ever- increasing demand for electric and / or hybrid first responder vehicles.

With many Governments now restricting access to conventional fuel engines in more and more cities throughout Europe, it is these authorities that are expected to set an example when it comes to less environmentally polluting means of transport. 

Until recently, the long charging times and the short range of electric vehicles were often reasons why there was a reluctance to buy these vehicles. We at PROCentrum also thought long and hard on this matter. As a training centre for drivers of Emergency vehicles, large distances are covered every day with our training vehicles, therefore the demand of energy from the batteries increases.

With this increased demand, it was vital that valuable training time was not lost due to recharging the vehicles several times per day. 

So, with extensive endurance tests, we were able to completely eliminate our concerns. We were able to incur effective ranges of 600 kilometers and with the benefit of the ever-increasing locations of Supercharger Stations across Europe, the batteries of our training vehicles, were able within 15 minutes, reach 80% of their capacity. 

Another consideration for us, was the fact of there being no mechanical drive for electric vehicles, the maintenance costs are considerably lower than for vehicles with a combustion engine. There are simply fewer parts subject to wear and tear. Therefore, the life expectancy of electric vehicles is considerably higher than those with conventional engines. 

Another major consideration for PROCentrum, in addition to all the economic and environmental reasons, was the importance of offering instruction with the Electric Vehicles due to the significant amount of power these vehicles produce. With the emergence of electric vehicles, young and inexperienced drivers have roughly the same power that F1 Ferrari drivers had during the 1979 GP.

We have the TESLA models S and X, both of which are the 100d version, that offer more than 500 BHP and allows the vehicle to accelerate to 100 km / h within 3 seconds.

As there is no curve of electrical power produced , the torque is delivered linearly. Handing out a such tools to employees who regularly need to drive in an emergency role without proper training, may quickly lead to a major accident. 

Of course, the TESLA is a “smart” car, and has been described as a laptop on wheels. The “smart” electric car intervenes in many situations, even for the driver himself, but until this technology is expanded, the driver remains solely in charge. 

Therefore, over the past months, our international team of specialists within PROCentrum, have been developing the EGV (Electric Government Vehicles) training programs . These courses allow students of all driving standards, from Basic, Advanced, through to Specialised, acquire the knowledge and skill sets, to ensure they remain safe, confident and smooth within their roles, of driving an electric emergency vehicle. 

With the purchase of fully electric vehicles and the development of an Electric Government Vehicles(EGV) course, PROCentrum is proudly the first professional European trainer in this new field. After the summer, the current Tesla model X will receive assistance from, among others, a second model X as well as a model 3. This substantial expansion is needed to meet the large international demand for EGV training.

If you want to know more about the EGV training course or if your department is considering purchasing EGVs, our team of professionals will be happy to advise you during this process. For an exploratory interview or a free test drive in an EGV you can contact one of our locations in London, UK or Best, Netherlands.

PROCentrum Tesla model X